A New Year’s Resolution or Two

With every New Year comes incessant discussion about who has which resolutions, who is actually going to keep them, who has had the same ones every year without ever making any progress – these are usually the smokers or the people who want to lose weight but don’t want to commit to any kind of regime – and I, for my part, tend to avoid these conversations as much as possible.

I don’t like setting New Year’s resolutions. They’re intimidating. They’re difficult. They often set you up for failure.

But this year, thanks to a wave of pride that came with completing my Goodreads goal of reading a total of fifty books in 2016, I decided that maybe doom was not an inherent part of any resolution that I set myself.

The question remained: what should my aims be for 2017?  Nothing too difficult or drastic, but nothing too easy either (otherwise, what’s the point?)… And so the idea hit me.

Well, several ideas.

  1. I should start a blog.
  2. I should increase my Goodreads goal to 60 books for this coming year.
  3. I should attempt to get at least a 50 day streak of vocab learning on memrise.

Together, these goals may seem like a lot; but after a year of receding into a severe depression, I need to try to motivate myself in whatever way I can, and I feel like long-term goals that consist of small, achievable chunks (such as writing a blog post, reading a book, or spending 15 minutes on memrise) could well be a good way to go. And what’s more is that I do find all of these things enjoyable when my mental health is okay! For all I know, these resolutions are exactly what I need to help make 2017 a year of recovery; there is only one way to know for sure, and that is by trying.

So let’s give this a go.

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