A Good Day Indeed

I don’t want to jinx it, but… the weather has been SO beautiful this week.

The sunny sports field

The sunny sports field in college 🙂

And to think, last Wednesday I had to walk for half an hour to a class in another college, in the torrential rain, with a broken umbrella and a hole in my shoe! I ended up with a very soggy sock…

But yes – the last few days have been great. Take yesterday, for example: not only has the weather been amazing, but I met up with a friend to go ice skating, managed to get myself out of a work slump (I had fallen into quite an extreme procrastination habit), AND combined working outside in the sun with one of life’s best treats – pizza!

Pizza on Nuffield lawn

Mmmm… it really is so great that The White Rabbit does a vegan pizza now.

One of the great things about my college is that we have massive gardens and grass that you are not just allowed to walk on, but encouraged to enjoy. In Trinity Term, we have ‘Tea at 3’ on the lawn, picnics, plays in the garden, study sessions… sometimes we even have class outside!* Honestly, who has time for a college which only has quads with a strict don’t-touch policy?

So yes, that was just a quick update. I hope you’re having – and continue to have – a good week, too, reader!


*Admittedly, having class on the grass in no way compares to the experience of a friend from another college who once had a tutorial on a punt. His entire tute group went down the river with a flip-chart, calculators and notebooks. It’s such a stereotype, but it sounds amazing.

4 thoughts on “A Good Day Indeed

  1. Viola (@violahelen_) says:

    Trinity’s gardens are absolutely beautiful! I am yet to try White Rabbit’s pizza (and I’m told that the vegan one is actually better than some of the others…) I’m so jealous you guys get classes outside, and your friend’s story about it being in a punt – whaaaat?! Crazy!
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola


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